Palacio La Embajada


The building that hosts the hotel is located in Francisco I. Madero Street #430 and was built under the supervision of Civil Engineer Jacobo T. Cossio, President of the San Luis Potosí Architects Association at the time. The building’s façade is coated with molded quarry featuring beautiful artistic reliefs that show the neoclassic style of that period.

Recognized as one of the last Spanish structures that still remain in San Luis Potosí, its inner decoration was remodeled recalling the French style using imperial lamps, aged mirrors, bronze lamps and beautifully carved metallic candelabrums. These details provide an atmosphere similar to the interior of a XIX century European palace.

Throughout many centuries, Kings and members of the European nobility like Princes, Dukes, Marquises, Barons and Viscounts have had, and still have, their residence in beautiful palaces. Now, we offer you the unique opportunity to live an extraordinary stay in a similar environment, exquisitely decorated in the French Style.

Until now, only members of royal families and the nobility have been taken cared of with the highest standards to satisfy their needs by people committed entirely to their service. The former is possible at Palacio La Embajada hotel, where receiving special attention all the time is no longer a dream, but a tangible reality. For Palacio La Embajada, you are a royal member, therefore, our mission is to exceed your expectations regarding attention and service.

In order to offer you an exclusive atmosphere, this is an adults-only hotel. On the other hand, more than two guests in one room are not allowed to guarantee your tranquility.

Every palace needs a King and a Queen. Come and enjoy our luxurious concept Palacio La Embajada, which charm and splendor are beyond your imagination.